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There are many answers to "Why ActiveCert?" One might be our exclusive focus on Windows 2000. Another might be our unique blend of multimedia training materials and testing materials, and yet another might be how well they are integrated. As you work with ActiveCert, we hope you will find many. Let us help you get started with just a few.

Integrated MultiMedia 

Taking practice tests is an essential component of preparing for the live certification exams. Wouldn't it be great if, during the exam, you could press a button and hear a master Microsoft Certified Trainer explain the answer to you, or show you how to perform the steps in Windows 2000 that lead to the answer? If you're answer is yes, then there's a reason why!

Four Study Modes! is blazing new trails in the business of delivering certification preparation in a areas that counts a lot for a lot of people. We're changing how people prepare. Up until now, if you wanted to take a practice exam, you could practice with a set of "me-too" questions -- and that was it. Here the new study modes that has created especially for you:

  • Deep! Deep study mode is a unique feature -- when you choose deep study mode, all of the questions on your exam will include a variety of additional learning materials -- audio explanations, how-to exercises, screen images, training videos, and links to external, third-party web pages -- such as Microsoft KnowledgeBase articles.
  • Quick. Quick study mode is ideal after you've used Deep! study mode a couple of times, or if you are already experienced with the material. The questions tend to be shorter, and explanations are laser-focused on the answer. (We find that other test vendors typically match only our quick mode. They do often distinguish themselves, however, by charging more <g>).
  • Mixed. Mixed study mode is a combination of Deep! and Quick modes. It's a good way to, well, mix things up!
  • Review. Review is another unique feature. You could call this mode "Just the facts, 'mam." In Review mode, you'll see critical facts, listed by exam objective, for your test. Review mode is a great tool to use to freshen your memory just before taking the test!

Bundled or Unbundled, Unlimited Use!

We offer you both individual tests as well as very attractive test bundles. Regardless of how you purchase your exams, gives you unlimited use. Many competitors restrict access to 30 or 60 days! (Ever set aside some time to studying, and then suddenly get busy for several weeks -- while you're paid for exam expires?! Not at We're online 24 x 7 to accomodate you when you're ready to crack the books!)


You might not have loved statistics in college psych, but at, they're your friend! Because we are entirely web-based, we have a unique opportunity -- to track exactly how everyone among thousands of test takers handle each question. That allows us to shape and evolve our materials so that they constantly get better for you. For instance, if we find we have a question that most people answer easily, then we'll replace it with one that is more challenging. That prepares you more effectively!

On an individual basis, we can tell you very spcifically where you most need to "bone-up" for success on the real thing. That's just one more reason why!

A Vision

Above all, the ActiveCert vision is different. We believe in a comprehensive approach that emphasizes education as much as it does exam preparation. We believe different people learn different ways, so we've included audio- and video-based as well as text-based learning materials. We also believe people learn best at different times and in different places, so we've made it possible to download preparation materials that you can play in your car while driving. Or listen to using your MP3 player while riding the train!Lastly, we think all of this should be fun. So, we've included "bandwidth breaks" to keep you fresh, alert, and we hope, entertained.

So check us out! ActiveCert is your destination for the finest materials available to help you take and pass your Microsoft Windows 2000 certification exams. And, it's designed to be an enjoyable and educational experience. You can look at the list below to see some of the unique features that ActiveCert has to offer you, our customer. We're convinced that after you see what ActiveCert has to offer, you'll never use "StaticCert"-type materials again! Members of the ActiveCert community can:

Access our extensive library of learning clicks! 

Listen to answers!

View on-line, fully narrated instructional videos!   And of course, take great simulated exams!

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